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About RRApp

RRApp is a unique, publicly-available resource that serves to educate junior clinical faculty in academic medical centers about the importance of randomization, while providing them with a user-friendly platform to generate rigorous and reproducible randomization schemes. While RRApp was initially designed for junior clinical faculty, it is not exclusive to early stage investigators, nor is it exclusive to nonstatistical faculty. RRApp certainly has the potential to serve the larger community of clinical and translational researchers conducting clinical trials both within and outside of academic medical centers, regardless of rank and methodological expertise.

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User Guide

This section aims to instruct the users how to use RRApp.

There are four steps to generate a customized randomization scheme (see figure 1).

First, users must choose their preferred randomization technique. It is up to users to enter the email information, which serves for a quality control purpose.

Second, conditional on the selected randomization technique, RRApp users are asked to enter some basic information about the study.

Third, users are asked to thoroughly review the information they have input and then click “submit”.

Lastly, RRApp automatically generates a customized downloadable randomization scheme under the Randomization Scheme tab in the main panel. The output randomization scheme is stored as an excel file.

RRApp Steps

Additional Resources

Below you can view “RRApp User Guide” Prezi Presentation to get a more detailed, audio-guided overview of our app and its capabilities.

Read more about RRApp in the following peer-reviewed publication:
Chengcheng Tu, Emma K. T. Benn. (2018) RRApp, a robust randomization app, for clinical and translational research. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science 1-5. doi:10.1017/cts.2017.310